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Aluminum Provides a Unique Combination of Properties

As a natural resource, aluminum is our most abundant metallic element. Its light weight mass (about a third the weight of copper or steel), unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance under the majority of service conditions makes it an excellent material for the manufacturing of bar grating.

Aluminum can be recycled and as a result, makes it an environmentally friendly material unlike some other grating material. Aluminum is durable and will offer years of service without showing wear or decay. It is also non-toxic so it can be easily cleaned and does not absorb bacteria sustaining particles. As a result it is a good candidate for food processing facilities. The material is also resilient; it can deflect under loads and then spring back.

All these attributes make aluminum grating an ideal solution for many special grating applications such as: sewage and waste water treatment plants, off-shore drilling rigs, the chemical processing industry, the paper mill industry and marine superstructure applications. Because of its natural attractiveness, aluminum grating is also used in many architectural and commercial applications including sun screens, ceiling tiles, vent grilles, fencing, building facades, fountains, nature and wildlife walkways, and entranceways.

Aluminum is the "Lightweight Champion"

Reasons Why:

  • Aluminum is non-toxic
  • Aluminum is light weight
  • Aluminum is durable
  • Aluminum is our most abundant metallic element
  • Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum is resilient
  • Aluminum has a heigh strength-to-weight ratio
  • Aluminum can be customized in the field
  • Aluminum can be easily recycled
  • Aluminum is naturally attractive
  • Aluminum is versatile