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In conjunction with aluminum grating, Ohio Gratings offers an extruded aluminum grating frame for embedded concrete applications. This frame features a continuous ledge to accommodate plank fasteners, grating clamps, or self-tapping screws for other types of fasteners. The continuous anchor can be used alone, or with supplementary anchor straps. Angle frame is available fabricated per drawings with mitred and welded corners, or in long lengths with prefabricated corners for installation in the field. Frames can be provided in the mill finished condition or with a coat of bituminous paint on surfaces which will come into contact with concrete.

How To Specify:

  • Angle frames to be of extruded design, alloy 6063-T6, by Ohio Gratings, Inc., or approved equal.
  • Frames shall have mitred corners and welded joints and shall be sized to match grating depth.
  • Vertical and horizontal legs of frame shape shall have 1/4 - 1/2 wall thickness. Frame shall be designed to provide a continuous slot to accommodate fasteners, and shall have a continuous extruded anchor. (Note: Additional anchor straps may be specified at the discretion of the architect/engineer.)
  • Surfaces coming into contact with concrete shall be painted with one coat of bituminous paint.

Fabrication Guidelines:

Frame sections can be purchased in stock lengths for customer fabrication, or can be fabricated by Ohio Gratings for immediate installation in the field. The following guidelines apply to fabricated frames:

  • All corners are mitred at 45 degrees and welded on the back side. Welds are notground.
  • Nominal small frames (i.e., 1'.5" x 1'.5" through 5'.5" x 10'.5") are made in one piece.
  • Extended trench frames are provided with prefabricated end sections and long lengths shipped loose for field butt joining.
  • Stock lengths are 20'.5". Longer lengths are available by request.