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As an alternative to bar grating, aluminum plank is structurally sound and cosmetically attractive. Made from extruded aluminum, plank grating is relatively maintenance free and has no parts to work loose or splinter. The surface can be provided unpunched or with a variety of punch patterns for the passage of air, light, heat or moisture. A diagonal pattern is also available which meets the ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility and high heel foot traffic.

The interconnecting webs offer a flush top walking surface formaximum foot contact and comfort. Plank can be used as an alternative to applications requiring open grating with plate attached to the top surface. Aluminum Plank is used at waste water treatment plants, for entranceways, walkways, bridges, trails, marine refrigeration, stadiums and more.

Aluminum plank grating is available in five cross-sectional designs: Heavy Duty (plain sides), Heavy Duty (interlocking sides), Light Series (plain sides), Reefer (plain sides) and Reefer (interlocking sides). The Heavy Duty sections are used primarily in the water and waste treatment markets and the marine market, while the Light Series and Reefer sections are used exclusively in the marine refrigerated stores application. Interlocking Heavy Duty and Reefer sections and edge sections are available in 1" deep grating only.
NOTE: Plank is also available in a Pivot-Lock interlocking design by special request.

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