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Plank Fabrication

Aluminum plank grating is available in 20' or 26' lengths for customer fabrication, or as fabricated by Ohio Gratings according to customer plans and specifications.

Individual 6" plank sections can be banded together to form standard panel widths for ease of handling and installation. When the width of the total grating "run" (number of continuous series of panels) does not result in a total measurement evenly divisible by the 6" sections, the last panel can be fabricated from several whole sections and a partial section according to the panel width chart shown. In order to meet flatness tolerances, fabricated panels must always be end banded, and should not exceed 36" in width.

The two arrows on the typical panel layout show the span direction which runs at right angles to the supporting members. Identical panels have the same mark numbers. Cutouts and banding are charged as extras according to quantity and size.

NOTE: Panels made from 6" sections and partial sections are banded on the ends only. Side bands typically are not furnished, unless specified by the customer.