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Ohio Gratings, Inc.™ metal sunshade products are ideal for vertical and horizontal shading applications. These products are manufactured from aluminum extrusions, carbon steel, metal sheets, or perforated metal. Custom fabrication and special finishes are available. All Ohio Gratings sunshade systems are available in a variety of mesh openings/spacing, and depths/sizes to provide a product tailored to your exact specifications. Shades can be custom designed to meet any solar load requirements. All products meet Ohio Gratings Green Products standards and can help your building project obtain LEED credits.

Extruded Sunshades:
Ohio Gratings offers a variety of standard extrusions that can be tailored to meet your buildings needs and aesthetic appeal. Ohio Gratings also offers custom die designs that can be used to give a unique look to your project. These products typically consist of a series of blades and fascia mechanically fastened to aluminum outriggers. Exact spacing and orientation of the blades can be adjusted to meet project specific solar loads to maximize the shading efficiency.
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Infill Sunshades:
Our infill sunshades combines two areas of expertise that Ohio Gratings offers into a single product. Typically made from aluminum or carbon steel, infill sunshades use grating as a shading element. With a wide variety of spacings and depths available, Ohio Gratings can offer a grating solution to meet any required shading requirements. Swaged (SG), Dovetail (ADT), Louvered (LG) and Egg Crate (EG) grilles are the most common grating elements utilized in these systems. Sunshade+ is also another option available which offers both shading options as well as a walking surface that can be utilized for maintenance work.
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Solid sheet and perforated Sunshades:
Our sheet metal sunshades allows for a more custom look on your building. These shades are usually made of an internal aluminum skeleton frame and wrapped with fabricated sheet metal of varying gauges dependent on loading requirements. These shades allow for a more solid or monolithic appearance at a much lower weight, especially where dead load is of concern. Another option that is offered is perforated metal sheet. This allows for a reduced, yet still effective, shading coefficient while adding more architectural features to your building.