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Embed frames cast into concrete floors and substructures serve a multitude of purposes that extend the life of any project where open flooring is required. Steel frames form a permanent shield for concrete lead edges and perimeters which are subject to cracking and chipping when left unprotected. During construction these rigid frames expedite forming and provide a welded structure that assures accuracy in the concrete pour. Frames provide a uniform bearing surface for all our grating products and help eliminate the potential for rocking or irregular elevations experienced when only covers are installed on poured concrete.

All frames are available in four sided, one piece construction units and can accommodate any clear opening. Long lengths can be provided with fabricated corners for field installation when required. Frames can be provided mill finished, galvanized or with a coat of standard black paint. All our steel frames are provided with 3/8" x 4" headed concrete stud anchors welded within 6" of each corner and at a maximum of 24" on center.