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R Series

Heavy duty riveted grating is the oldest style of industrial grating, but still the choice of many engineers due to its ruggedness, reliability and durability. This grating is composed of straight bearing bars and bent connecting bars which are joined at their contact points by rivets. Since the connecting bars extend continuously between bearing bars along the grating spans, they not only serve to join the bearing bars together, but also contribute to the load carrying capability and lateral stability of the grating panels. This added dimension makes heavy duty riveted grating an ideal choice where high strength and stiffness are required. These products are ideal for vehicle bridge decks. Other bridge deck configurations are available. Please call for details. Slip resistant & serrated surfaces also available.

3-Part Specifications

Load Tables

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Applications for this product include:

  • Cover Trenches in Plants
  • Highway Trenches
  • Airport Trenches
  • Bridge Decking
  • Access to Public/Government Buildings
  • Sidewalk Grates
  • Stair Treads
  • Airport Ramps
  • Airplane Landing Mats
  • Machinery Support Trenches
  • Bridge Sidewalks
  • Entranceways to Buildings
  • Commercial Entranceways
  • Trench Grating