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W Series

Welded carbon heavy duty steel grating is the most popular choice where high strength is the primary grating requirement. The main bars are slotted and assembled with cross bars which are welded with one fillet weld at every joint. Stainless steel can also be provided for those high corrosive applications. This product meets the demanding vehicle loading requirements of AASHTO and is geared to handle heavy rolling loads. Slip resistant surfaces are available. The typical applications for our heavy duty steel products include airfield landing mats and trenches, airplane unloading ramps, highway bridge decking, sidewalks, concrete reinforcements, vault covers, ramps, docks, industrial flooring, trenches, off-shore drilling rigs and paper mills.

3-Part Specifications

Load Tables

Applications for this product include:

  • Cover Trenches in Plants
  • Highway Trenches
  • Airport Trenches
  • Bridge Decking
  • Access to Public/Government Buildings
  • Sidewalk Grates
  • Stair Treads
  • Airport Ramps
  • Airplane Landing Mats
  • Machinery Support Trenches
  • Bridge Sidewalks
  • Entranceways to Buildings
  • Commercial Entranceways
  • Trench Grating