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Light duty carbon steel grating is the workhorse of the industrial flooring market for pedestrian walkways, finding application in conveyor systems, operating plants, highways and bridge platforms and walkways, machinery floors, refineries, tank stairways and power plants. Stainless steel is also available for specific applications. The open grid construction of steel grating provides maximum passage for light, air circulation and drainage while offering low installation and maintenance costs.

Ohio Gratings offers a wide variety of light duty steel grating styles including electro forge welded, dove tail pressure locked, riveted and swaged. Electro forge welded grating is the more traditional industrial product while dove tail pressure locked, riveted and swaged offer smoother lines and a more pleasing appearance than the typical welded grating. These products appeal to the architectural market and offer a different look and can be used not only for industrial applications but also commercial applications where a higher profile product might be desired.

The dove tail and swaged products are also part of our Grater Access line of products conforming to ADA standards.

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