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Most parks offer some type of water feature as a focal point. Running water from a fountain or water feature allows a place for kids to play and adults to relax and enjoy. All require some type of pump and drainage system. ADA Grater Access® stainless steel or aluminum bar grating products are ideal for the drainage system while allowing for pedestrian traffic.

SG Products:
OGi ADA compliant SG products are available in aluminum (SG, SGF, SGI, SGLi), carbon steel (SGCS). All of these products are available to meet ADA guidelines with our 11-space grating products. With 3/16” thick bearing bars the ADA standard of ½” clear between bars is achieved. For added safety our 7-space grating products go above and beyond offering ¼” clear between bearing bars. The aluminum SGI product comes standard with a ¼” width flange at the top and bottom further reducing the clear opening by 1/16”.
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