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Sunshade+ Series

The Sunshade+ series fixed aluminum louver sunshade is manufactured via swage pressure lock. The standard blade spacing allows for a safe walking surface and that also shades your building. The pressure lock swage construction consists of alternating LG blades and Lite I-bars. The LG blades, spaced at 3” centers provide the solar block while the Lite I-bars fill in between the louver blades to create the walking surface with bars no more than 1-1/2” apart. The pressure lock method of manufacturing provides a strong and durable connection without any welding. Sunshade+ panels are rated for spans with loads up to 300# concentrated and then mechanically attached to outriggers. All outriggers, fascia and hardware provided by Ohio Gratings, Inc.™ are sized for the application. Made exclusively from corrosion resistant, tempered aluminum it is a product that will last for years and years. Aluminum allows for a weather resistant mill finish or you can select an anodized, PVDF or polyester powder coat finish to tailor the LG product to your specific job.