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VG1 Series

The VG1 series stainless steel wire ventilation grilles are manufactured via Ohio Gratings, Inc.™ PressLock technology. The standard top surface wire spacing is 7/16” centers for ¼” clear openings for the TS1 profile wire. An alternate 3/16” clear opening is available with the type TS2 wire. This gives a smooth and light-weight walking surface which has exceptional air flow. Bearing bars are sized and spaced beneath the top surface wires to suit the specific application. The PressLock method of manufacturing provides a strong and durable connection. Depending on your application there are several different recommended means of attaching VG1 panels to your grille or walking surface. The minimum 1” overall depth of the VG1 makes for a very strong product, capable of long spans and meeting most walking and light wheel load requirements. Made exclusively from corrosion resistant, 304 or 316 stainless steel it is a product that will last for years and years. The stainless steel wires are drawn rather than cold formed giving the product a refined look, a brushed finish can also be added to further enhance the product appearance. A slip-resistant surface treatment can also be added to meet any applications that are applicable to ADA.