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OGI offers a wide variety of grating products suitable for pedistrian or vehicular bridge projects. These products include heavy duty riveted and welded steel grating for bridge decks and aluminum and light duty steel grating products for sidewalks and inspection walkways.


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Aluminum gratings such as, I-Bar and LiteBar are ideal choices for maintenance walkways and inspection platforms and are assembled using a swaging process. The I-Bar shape has the same load carrying capacity with less weight per square foot than rectangular bars. The striated top and bottom flanges provide a built in skid resistance feature without the added cost of serrating amd an anodized finish is also available as well as a slip resistant surface (OnGrip™).


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Heavy duty steel grating has a proven track record of a very long service life in bridge projects and is available in multiple depths and spacings. These products have a very high strength to weight ratio, are rated for AASHTO H-20 logo and H-25 loading and can be supplied with a serrated or plain surface, as well as with a galvanized finish. Slip resistant surfaces are also available. Heavy duty welded or heavy duty riveted grating styles are the products of choice for bridge decking applications and are typically used for vehicular traffic in areas where heavy loading, static or rolling is encountered.