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Bear Grass Creek Nature Preserve

Location: St. Matthews, Kentucky
Architectural/Eng: Wallace Roberts & Todd LLC
General Contractor: Century Construction
Application: Elevated Walkway
Material: Steel Dove-Tail Grating with a slip resistant surface

A twelve acre park which acts as a buffer between residential neighborhoods and the regions largest shopping mall and is split by Bear Creek, a tributary of the Ohio River. The creek is subject to frequent flooding which extends into the adjacent residential areas. The increased development in the area dramatically raised the storm water run-off into the creek. The original design of the wetlands was incorrectly graded, so when the preserve was redesigned the entire area underwent a new topography change. An elevated walkway was designed for the area, sprawling through the preserve. Wallace Roberts and Todd, Landscape architects based out of Philadelphia, PA, were chosen for the job. David Ostrich, Senior Associate of Wallace Roberts and Todd, had used grating products in other projects they had done in the area and needed material that was strong, environmentally friendly, allowed light to filter through and was both ADA and high heel compliant. The project ultimately used 3000 square feet of close mesh Steel Dove Tail Grating with bearing bar at 7/16" on center, with a slip resistant surface applied.

The product used for this application:

  • Meets ADA Requirements
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance
  • Architecturally Appealing
  • Environmentally Friendly

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