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Private Residence

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Customer: Ranquist Development
Architect: Studio Dwell
Contractor: Ranquist Development
Material: 19-SG-4 2" x 3/16" Anodized Black Bar Grating

This project featured 1,900 square feet of the OGI swaged aluminum bar grating (19-SG-4). This project was to create juxtaposition between the existing brick and heavy timber construction with a contemporary and clean looking metal product. The architect selected a standard stock style of grating to keep the material cost effective as well as providing sufficient visual and security blockage from the street level.

The primary application is a decorative grille along the main facade of the residence. This grille frames a horizontal run of windows and creates a focal point for the composition of the structure. The grille material extends to a series of handrail pieces at the roof terrace levels to meet the building code where the existing parapet wall was not high enough. The OGI material was also used for a fence and gate at the main entrance off the street level. OGI designed and fabricated this system to accommodate a call box and magnetic strike for additional security. The flexibility, strength and durability of the 19-SG-4 allowed it to be modified and fabricated into a variety of installations to create a cohesive aesthetic.

The 19-SG-4 was installed using a variety of fabricated aluminum angles and galvanized unistruts. The product was installed with a black anodized finish to contract the natural look of the brick and wood of the existing structure as well as to increase its long-term weatherability of the aluminum product.

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