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Grosse Ile Bridge (sidewalk) Rehabilitation Project, MDOT

Location: Wayne County, Michigan
Customer: Walter Toebe Construction Company
Architectural/Eng: Wayne County Department of Public Services, Division of Engineering
General Contractor: Walter Toebe Construction Company
Material: 26,178 sq. ft. 37-R-5 Lite serrated 5" x 3/8" heavy duty galvanized riveted steel grating. 2,424 sq. ft. of 37-R-5 Lite 5" x 3/8" heavy duty galvanized riveted steel grating. 9,610 sq. ft. of ALP-22 aluminum ADA punched plank with a slip resistant surface. 1,937 sq. ft. of aluminum 19-SGLi-4 Lite I-bar grating.

This bridge connects the island township to the city of Trenton, MI over the Trenton Channel. Previously, the deck surface was converted over to welded steel bar grating. Over the past several years, this welded steel grating provided by another manufacturer deteriorated. New grating was provided by Ohio Gratings which is heavy duty riveted galvanized steel grating and allowed for this bridge improvement.

The overall project included new bridge decking, sidewalks and walkways.

Our heavy duty steel riveted grating which has bearing bars 5" x 3/8" and serrated connecting bars replaced the deteriorated welded steel grating. We also supplied a portion of the steel riveted grating with pans & rebar which were concrete filled. The concrete pan filled grating was located at each approach and at each end of the swing span. Aluminum plank was provided for the sidewalks in both directions has a diagonal punch pattern which meets ADA specifications and included a slip resistant aluminum surface. This aluminum plank replaced a deteriorating concrete surface. The Lite I-bar aluminum grating was installed under the bridge for an inspection walkway.

Ohio Gratings engineering staff was invaluable with initial engineering & design support and project management throughout the project. Ohio Gratings shipped 22 truckloads of material over this eight month long project.

Grosse Ile Bridge Project State Award (PDF)

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