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Organic Technologies

Location: Coshocton, Ohio
Architectural/Eng: The Dover Design & Manufacturing Group
General Contractor: Dover Tank & Plate/Organic Technologies
Material: 19-W-4 1-1/4" x 3/16" Load Banded Bar Grating, galvanized with treads

A typical steel structure support system. The platform and open walkway requirements included multiple levels and stair treads.

A stair tower utilized galvanized treads with checker plate nosing because of the safe walking surface it provides. Galvanized grating and treads were used because it is strong, inexpensive and is quick fabricate which makes it readily available.

Due to the typical longer spans and penetration requirements for pipe, etc., light duty galvanized steel grating was specified for this project. Light duty steel grating offers a high strength to weight ratio at a very economical cost. Cut outs for penetrations are accomplished either by steel fabrication or the grating manufacturer from project drawings and site measurements.

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