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ASLA GreenRoof Headquarters

Location: Washington, DC
>Customer: American Society of Landscape Architects
Architectural/Eng: Michael Van Valkenburgh Landscape Architects, DMJM Architects\Engineering Firm
General Contractor: Forrester Construction Company
Material: Aluminum I-Bar Grating with slip resistant surface 19-SGI-4 1" x 3/16" with a slip resistant surface

Located on the rooftop of the headquarters of the American Society of Landscape Architects in the heart of Washington, D.C., the ASLA Green Roof project involves the transformation of an existing 3,000 square foot roof into a prime example of green roof technology.

The barrel-shaped mounds at the north and south ends of the roof create new horizons for visitors, clearing the immediate urban foreground and focusing views on the surrounding Washington skyline.

The roof was designed with the goals of allowing occupation by many people at once while also maximizing the green cover on the roof. To achieve this, the green roof system was initially designed to incorporate steel bar grating using a beamed structural support design. The intent of the design was to suspend the grating over plantings to take advantage of the open grid of the grating to expand the green roof surface. Chris Counts was the lead Architect from Michael Van Valkenburgh.

For this application we recommended Aluminum I-Bar grating. Aluminum's lightweight mass is only 1/3 that of steel reducing the overall weight of the grating on the roof by two thirds. Its strong strength to weight ratio easily handled the span and loading requirements. It's corrosion resistance far outlasts galvanized steel and is naturally a much more attractive product. Because of inherent problems of plants growing up through the grating, causing a natural slippery surface when walked on, a slip resistant surface was selected to add adhesion.

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