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Consolidated Edison Electric Vault Gratings

Location: Times Square - New York City, New York
Customer: Ross Technology Corporation
Project Owner: Consolidated Edison
Engineer: Consolidated Edison
Material: Wheels n' Heels® Metro 30-WH-4 5-1/2" x 1/8" Grade 50 Steel Galvanized with AlGrip surface and Special Locking Device for Security.

The sidewalks of New York City and other major metro areas are often crossed by heavy vehicles, as well as pedestrians. This condition calls for a grating that can hold up to heavy AASHTO H20 truck loading while meeting the ADA guidelines for bar spacing and slip resistance. In addition, Con-Edison needed a relatively light weight grating with a very high percentage of open area to conform to NEC standards and their needs for transformer ventilation. Con Edison also requested an improved method of locking the gratings that allowed easy access to their line crews using their special line hooks.

The engineers at Con-Edison worked closely with Ross Technology and Ohio Gratings to work out solutions to their needs on this project. The Ohio Gratings Wheels n' Heels® Metro 30-WH-4 5-1/2" x 1/8" Grade 50 Steel Galvanized with ALGrip surface met all the requirements.

Photos show how the vault grating system accommodates the heavy trucks at the loading dock on 7th Ave and 44th Street while providing a pedestrian and bicycle friendly pathway.

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