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Blackhawk Parking Deck

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Customer: Ralph Simpson Company
Architectural/Eng: Valerio Dewalt Train
Material: 21PL-56 S-100 Galvanized PressLock Grating with galvanized structural WT steel supports. Used 15,223 SF Grating - 4,920 LF Structural Framing

The architect desired to design a steel grille that was light, open and would properly clad a concrete and steel parking garage. The steel grille was designed to create a mesh that would act as a part of a building "skin" which would still allow visual sight lines in and out for added 1-5/16" x 3-1/2" was selected for the vertical lines it created in the parking structure in conjunction with the structural steel supported at 4'-4" on center. With floor-to-floor heights of 10'-4", the panels were designed to span the distance between parking deck levels. To create a continuous look around the parking structure, structural steel supports were added to allow for continuous panel alignment as the ramps of the parking deck changed levels. Smaller panels were used as part of a segmented arc at the north elevation to create a "canopy" that extends over the top parking deck. All materials were bolted into place through welded anchor plates and steel structural supports. The material was installed with a galvanized finish to compliment the industrial esthetics of the building

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