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Calvert Street Parking Garage

Location: Maryland
Customer: Coakley Williams Construction, MD
Project Owner: State of Maryland
Architectural/Eng: Morris & Ritchie Associates, MD and Hayes, Seay Mathern & Mathern, Inc., VA
General Contractor: Coakley Williams Construction, MD
Material: LG100 Louver with aluminum 'C' channels, aluminum angle and aluminum base plates, all with Kynar finish

We sent samples of our LG100 louver grating product and then the mounting system was designed. That system consisted of aluminum 'C' channels, aluminum angle at the top to finish and aluminum angle at the bottom to hold the louver above the concrete ledge. Installation also needed aluminum base plates welded to the bottom of each vertical post and some aluminum angle to wrap over the edge of the concrete to mount securely. Since the parking garage was sloped in areas where our louver was to be installed, we needed to adjust the louver panels and have them skew cut at the bottom to hold a horizontal look at the top. The louvers were installed behind a wire mesh exterior treatment and were meant to keep residents of an adjacent condominium from seeing automobile headlights moving in the garage.

Additional louver grating may be needed along the front of the garage to hide the fact that it is a garage.

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