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TAO Luxury Condominiums

Location: Sunrise, Florida
Customer: Moss Construction Managers
Architect: Kobi Karp
Engineer: CHM Structrual Engineers, LLC
Material: Screening - 19-SG-4 aluminum bar grating, frame structure clad with polygal 16mm titan polycarbonate, .060 aluminum clad accent, 19-SG-4 bar screen and aluminum tube structures infilled with 19-SG-4 bar screen.

2- twin, 26 story luxury condominiums that consisted of a 6,000 sq. ft. parking garage with screening of 19-SG-4 aluminum bar grating with 1" x 1/8" anodized finish, a porte cochere canopy with a Conservatek aluminum space frame structure clad with Polygal 16mm titan polycarbonate, a decorative aluminum architectural element using .060 aluminum clad accent feature attached to underside of balcony and face of building, a roof top signature structure made of (3) 80' x 25' curved aluminum tube structures infilled with 19-SG-4 bar screen 1" x 1/8" anodized finish and a decorative garden trellis made of (4) 30' x 15' aluminum tube structures infilled with 19-SG-4 bar screen, anodized finish.

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