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Auburn Hills Dumpster Enclosure

Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan
Customer: Commercial Contracting Corporation
Material: LG100 Aluminum Louver Grating fully framed with 3" x 5" Aluminum Angle

The city of Auburn Hills requested they enclose the area around dumpsters. CCC required a lightweight system that could provide 100% visual blockage as well as adequate airflow. Based on these criteria, Ohio Gratings used their LG 100 aluminum louver and assisted with the design of panel sizes and framing. 3" x 5" aluminum angle frame was miter cut and welded to form the frames for each unit to allow for effective mounting and sufficient strength as operable panels. The aluminum, provided in mill finish, required minimal maintenance over time while retaining an attractive appearance. Mounted to the galvanized steel structure, provided by CCC, will ensure that the enclosure is long lasting and durable.

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