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Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Customer: Murray Enterprises
Project Owner: City of St. Louis
Architectural/Eng: Nelson Byrd Woltz, Landscape Architects
Contractor: BSI Constructors, Inc.
Architect: Studio Durham Architects
Engineer: Frontenac Engineering
Material: Wheels n' Heels® 64-7WHSS-63 Stainless Steel Grating

Four Wheels n' Heels® InVent® Stainless Steel panels were manufactured to cover the overflow trenches in the "Rain Garden" area and are part of the sidewalk.

The bars on the surface of the panels are spanning along the width of the sidewalks. The spacing between them is 1/4" in order to comply and exceed ADA requirements, making the grating appropriate for high heel traffic. The added Al-Grip™ surface at the top of the bars provides a coefficient of friction of 0.9 on all directions, exceeding the 0.6 ADA guideline for slip resistance. The grating is also capable of supporting a wheel load of 2,500 lbs on a 9" x 9" tire print for maintenance vehicles, through the heavy 3" x 1/4" bearing bars that are concealed below the surface bars.

Added barriers at the two ends of each panel are in line with the sidewalk curbs providing comfort for wheel chair traffic.

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